The Third Sex

The Third Genders’ most favorable definition is individuals born as male and then eventually, taking on the feminine role in society. There are a few countries, where the third gender has been known for generations going all the way back to the 17th century that have given the third gender legal identity status.

Other definitions for third gender are becoming more widely accepted; such as the spirit of a woman is inside a man’s body and vice versa, or a state of mind being both man and woman swapping roles. When referring to these definitions, one common rights-based perspective should be remembered: those identified as third sex gender should have the same rights as those identified as male or female.

The European country of Germany made legal the third gender section on birth certificates in 2013. Following a year later, India legalized the third gender sex to have the same education, welfare and employment rights as any other male or female. Such court rulings are helping to further our much needed continued education process of this gender, as not matter how you spin it, third gender is part of the human being race.

As our world changes, and changing very fast with today’s technology, it’s difficult to come up with the right answers for our society to live their daily lives as civil as possible. So many people now occupy this great planet of ours, Mother Earth, maybe too many scientists say. When there are too many variables and options, the laws created by our governments are too frequently getting it wrong. Does history really repeat itself? When researched very closely, yes – especially in governments.

This is why it’s a critical time for the third sex population to get their due time in court. The lawmakers are having an open mind and realizing the importance of transparency and truth. No law can be justified without knowing the full truth of the situation, no lies and no secrets. We must strive for our societies to encourage tolerance, respect and truth in order to provide equal rights which supports assistance for all.

There have always been people who say they just don’t feel right in their skin, preferring to have the opposite gender role or a feeling of a whole new gender role. We sometimes dismiss this especially in children, thinking they’re trying to get attention or acting out to get their own way.

It’s a great day when we acknowledge the third sex gender and validate their identity….it could save someone’s life!

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