London Escorts on Sexual Orientation

London escorts on, gays, lesbians and transgenders 

Is our sexuality becoming more and more fluent? It seems that many London escorts agencies are beginning to cater for different sexual styles. At the moment it is very popular to date bi-sexual London escorts, but what is happening with the rest of the population who would like their needs catered for as well?

Looking at the dating community in London today, you will see a huge variety of sexual tastes. I wonder if this is reflecting society as a whole, or is it just a very small part of our London community. London has always been a very “open” community and has let in people from different culture backgrounds, and now we seem to be openly discussing different types of sexuality.

Should we cater for everyone?

London escorts agencies are often very broad minded and open, but should they cater for everybody? If, you can date bi-sexual London escorts, why shouldn’t you be able to date gay, lesbian and transgender escorts? That is a good question isn’t. If we are all free to think and act in most ways, why should we not have access to date within our own sexual preference? Many locals are now calling for special dating and escorts agencies to be set up, so everyone’s taste can be catered for.

What is happening?

Some London escorts say that dating bi-sexual escorts in London is the latest thing. Many gents think it is exciting to be able to go out on dates with ladies who are bi-sexual because it gives them a real thrill. But what about the rest of the dating community in London? Should they not be able to date gay, lesbian or transgender London escorts? If we have the right to change ourselves surgically, why should we not be able to date within our sexuality? These are really big issues and they do not only affect the London escort service, they affect us all.

It is okay

It is okay to be gay, lesbian, transgender or bi-sexual, but should all of these different sexualities need their own London escorts agencies. Wouldn’t it be better if the present London escorts services could cater for the needs of these individuals as well? It would improve the profitability of these business, and many visitors wold be able to take advantage of using established London escorts agencies for their needs and requirements. There are already several hundred agencies across London, and I am not so sure if there is room for anymore.

Dating in London today can be a nightmare say some London escorts. There is such a huge choice that it is almost impossible to make a decision. We can choose to date petites, blondes, brunettes, black escorts and plus size London escorts. And then we have duo dating and specialist services such as dominatrix London escorts services. How are we going to be able to fit it all in?

Yes, there are always new opportunities out there, but it seems like the escorts service in London is growing in ways we could not imagine. What is the future for London escorts? Hang around for a few years and we will find out.

Try To Understand; Man, Woman, Both, Neither

The Third Sex

The Third Genders’ most favorable definition is individuals born as male and then eventually, taking on the feminine role in society. There are a few countries, where the third gender has been known for generations going all the way back to the 17th century that have given the third gender legal identity status.

Other definitions for third gender are becoming more widely accepted; such as the spirit of a woman is inside a man’s body and vice versa, or a state of mind being both man and woman swapping roles. When referring to these definitions, one common rights-based perspective should be remembered: those identified as third sex gender should have the same rights as those identified as male or female.

The European country of Germany made legal the third gender section on birth certificates in 2013. Following a year later, India legalized the third gender sex to have the same education, welfare and employment rights as any other male or female. Such court rulings are helping to further our much needed continued education process of this gender, as not matter how you spin it, third gender is part of the human being race.

As our world changes, and changing very fast with today’s technology, it’s difficult to come up with the right answers for our society to live their daily lives as civil as possible. So many people now occupy this great planet of ours, Mother Earth, maybe too many scientists say. When there are too many variables and options, the laws created by our governments are too frequently getting it wrong. Does history really repeat itself? When researched very closely, yes – especially in governments.

This is why it’s a critical time for the third sex population to get their due time in court. The lawmakers are having an open mind and realizing the importance of transparency and truth. No law can be justified without knowing the full truth of the situation, no lies and no secrets. We must strive for our societies to encourage tolerance, respect and truth in order to provide equal rights which supports assistance for all.

There have always been people who say they just don’t feel right in their skin, preferring to have the opposite gender role or a feeling of a whole new gender role. We sometimes dismiss this especially in children, thinking they’re trying to get attention or acting out to get their own way.

It’s a great day when we acknowledge the third sex gender and validate their identity….it could save someone’s life!

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